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Compassionate Medical Care for Pets

An orange dog and gray cat laying down with each other

At Claus Paws, we treat everyone the way we wish to be treated. That means we deliver high-quality veterinary medicine for cats and dogs in a pet friendly space, and our medical services are focused on compassionate, personalized care.

We take the time to understand what you want for your fur baby, so we can work together to determine the best care plan for your pet and your family. Our mission is to build a strong bond with all our pet families based on open communication and mutual understanding.

Claus Paws Animal Hospital is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association®, (AVMA), as well as the Oregon and Washington State Veterinary Medical Associations. Our pet medical care services include:

  • Preventive Care—full-service annual exams to monitor overall growth and health
  • Dental Care—comprehensive dentistry services for cats and dogs, including dental radiology and oral surgery
  • Geriatric Care—advanced veterinary care catering to the unique needs of aging pets
  • Laser Surgery—get specialized CO₂ laser surgery.
  • End of Life Care—we offer compassionate end of life care in our new, private Comfort Room
  • Feline Medical Boarding—details coming soon!

For emergency veterinary services, please visit Columbia River Vet Specialists.

Call us at (360) 896‑7449 to schedule an appointment.

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